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Click below to customise your own Log Cabin Golf Sim 

Log Cabins For Sale UK

A Modest New Golf Room

From as little as £10,000 including delivery (building only option), The Bunker is geared towards broadening the golf sim audience.


Fully Customisable

From the size and shape of the room, to the double glazing, colours, trims and roofing types - all aspects can be tailored to suit any taste. Flat roof, and Apex available.


Golf, Work, Chill, Repeat

Utilise your new space for a golf sim, home office, cinema room, man cave, secret lair - the world is your lob wedge.


No Planning Permission Required

With eaves under 2.5m and total height no more than 4m, this room requires no planning permission when sited 2m from a boundary.


Fully Loaded

Matching you with your perfect package - spending wisely to create the ultimate golf experience, to suit (almost) any budget. Standard Package includes Foresight GC3 Launch Monitor.


It doesn't hurt to ask, and with turn key builds starting from £25k, it really doesn't hurt to use "Probably The Best Sim Builders in The World".

Our standard option includes: Base, building delivery & installation, electrics, internet and full Foresight sim fit out!

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